Candice Jones, CMT
Abundant Life Massage Therapy @ Event Central
Come for your anxiety and stress relief with relaxation music and meditation.
9912 Hosier Street
Newport News, VA. 23601

Phone: 757-234-9495

  • "I first met Candice when she was a student at a massage school. She gave such an excellent massage that I have continued to request her services even after graduation. Her massages are outstanding and have helped many problem areas in my back. She is very qualified and I would highly endorse her work and services."  Herman H. of Hampton, Va.
  • "Candice gives an exceptional massage. She has worked on many problem areas and has helped me tremendously in relieving pain in my neck and back. I have been able to decrease visits to the doctor as a result of the excellent massages that she gives. She has always acted in a professional way and I would  highly recommend her services." Wanda H. of Hampton, Va.
  • "Candice is a blessing and great at what she does. She's attentive and focused on clients needs, So whether you just want a relaxing massage or to work out all the kinks and tensions of life, she has you covered. Thanks Candice for helping me heal from my neck injury!" Diane D.


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