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Abundant Life Massage Therapy

Come for your anxiety and stress relief with relaxation music and meditation

6022 Jefferson Ave Suite #203

Newport News, Va. 23605


Massage Services

Swedish Massage

Anxiety go away...with Swedish Massage you will have plenty of relaxation with long muscle kneading...a feel good massage.

60 minutes-$60.00

90 minutes-$75.00

For pain relief...going deep within the muscle tissues to break up muscle adhesion and toxins.

60 minutes-$75.00

90 minutes-$90.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Are you in a sport...this massage modality is more vigorous and has more stretching for you to get the most out of your massage. 

60 minutes-$60.00

90 minutes-$75.00

Sports Massage

Chair Massage

Want stress relief from your job or place of business? Sponsor a chair massage for your place of work or your Corporate Office.

60 minutes-$60.00


Want extra attention on your feet? The most relaxing, stress relieving way to enjoy the rest of your day.

$10.00 for 15 minutes

$20.00 for 30 minutes

$40.00 for 60 minutes

  • Military get 10% discount every visit.
  • Refer a friend and receive Reward Points, add and save
  • Buy any 3 Massages and get $15.00 off each massage

*To learn more about reward points call 757-234-9495.

Massage Discounts

Are you pregnant or need some tranquility? Receive some relaxation and meditate with some soothing music in this massage.

60 Minutes-$60.00

90 Minutes-$75.00

Prenatal Massage


There is something special about SPA DAY, the relaxation, the special time with friends or family, or just the me time you have without the kids or husband. What about a Spa Day you can have with any theme of your choice, before your wedding, at your church, or any event. Want massage rooms created in the theme of your choice? How about a Spa Day that includes pictures of your best friends, a picture book maybe, on the spot pictures? Come and see all the options you can have for your own Spa Day to make your day special.


Monday,Wednesday-Friday 10:00 a.m- 5:00 p.m

Tuesday -closed

​Saturday 10:00 a.m- 5:00 p.m

Sunday- closed

*Hours maybe changed depending on availability.

​October-December Massage Special
6 60 minute Swedish Massages or 3 90 minute Swedish Massages
6 60 minute Deep Tissue Massages or 3 90 minute Deep Tissue Massages
​Use however or whenever you may want, share them with a friend. To buy look on the Home page front left hand corner and go to the drop down menu.