Abundant Life Massage Therapy, is here to meet the needs of people all around Hampton Roads. We give quality massages for a reasonable price. To help relieve pain, the stress of life, just sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

Candice Jones, Certified Massage Therapist, have been massaging for 3 years. She attended The Institute Of Health and Healing in 2010. She started in the IHH clinic in February 2011, where she worked for 2 years. She graduated in August of 2012, and at IHH she continued work as a graduate. Then became a Certified massage Therapist in April of 2013. She started working at 106 Massage Therapy in July of 2012, there she blossomed and she continues to learn and grow.

We strive to satisfy our clients through meditating and relaxing music, stress management techniques, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques. So you can have the best massage and  benefit from the massage also.

For anxiety, you can find tranquility. For stress there is relaxation, using relaxation music. Where there is pain, you can find relief, through stress management techniques. Do you want to be pampered? A relaxing massage can help manage stress, guide you into a deep meditation, and release the abundant life we all want.

Candice Jones, CMT
Abundant Life Massage Therapy @ Event Central
Come for your anxiety and stress relief with relaxation music and meditation.

9912 Hosier Street
Newport News, VA. 23601
Phone: 757-234-9495